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Master Project Proposal: Thermodynamic Modelling and Process Simulation of Ethanol, Water and Aldehyde System

If you are looking for an exciting project in collaboration with the industry where you can use and enhance your skills in thermodynamic modelling and simulation of distillation plant, we have one for you at Novo Nordisk, Kalundborg. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with experienced process engineers in a technical support department in one of our production areas (Purification Plants).

Separation of ethanol, water and aldehydes using distillation is of great industrial importance as ethanol is widely used as a solvent. Therefore, successful thermodynamic modelling and process simulation of such multicomponent systems can play vital role in quality control, energy optimization and increase in capacity of ethanol regeneration systems.

Thermodynamic Modelling:
Phase equilibrium modelling and validation for vapour liquid equilibria (VLE) for ethanol, water and aldehyde systems.
Thermodynamic model: Select the model which are available in commercial process simulation tools (e.g. PRO II)
Regions of interest for the current study are the following:
Pressure: 0 to 4 barg
Ethanol % (w/w): 20-90
Water % (w/w): 80-10
Aldehyde: trace amounts on ppm level
More components can be added to the list depending on the interest and ECTS hours for the project.
Process Simulation: Steady state and dynamic simulation/validation of above mentioned systems.

Purpose (Deliverables):
-Thermodynamic modelling of VLE of ethanol, water and aldehyde systems and validation using experimental data.
-To develop a reliable process simulation model of ethanol distillation process which is capable to predict concentration of aldehyde on ppm level
Note: The project can be modified to match needs of credit hours in the range of 10 to 35.

ppm: part per million
VLE: vapour liquid equilibrium
(w/w)%: composition in weight percent
ECTS: European Credit Transfer System

It is expected that the candidate has a background in chemical engineering or equivalent. The candidate is required to have knowledge about distillation, applied thermodynamics, process design and simulation using commercial simulator like Pro II, Aspen Hysys or Aspen Plus.

How to Apply?
– Please send you CV and cover letter by e-mail to no later than 3rd of June 2019
– The candidates will be evaluated on ongoing basis

Working at Novo Nordisk
Join us at Novo Nordisk Manufacturing Kalundborg and get the opportunity to build a career among talented professionals in a fast-growing and successful company. It is the world’s largest insulin production site and our more than 3,500 Novo Nordisk employees share the ambition to continuously make a difference for more than 28 million people living with diabetes and other serious chronic conditions. You will be in excellent company, working alongside dedicated and highly competent colleagues. We are at the forefront of development in technology and processes, and we know success depends on dedicated individuals contributing to every step of the way. This is where we need you.

For further information, please contact Muhammad Riaz, +45 3077 5569 or Brian John Petersen +45 30792762

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